Dicees™ is a smart connected ligthning cube.
Do whatever you want with it!

Draw your Dicees™ like you want them, imagine your own game, You can play without smartphone, offline and create your own games. Design the faces, that’s really easy!

Connect Dicees™ to any bluetooth compatible device.

Dicees™ communicates via bluetooth Low Energy.

You can find compatible apps on any bluetooth compatible platforms and devices.

Everything had to be hosted in a very limited space : LEDs, battery, Bluetooth.

François RoyenDesigner

Play with your friends offline or online

Offline with or without app or online.

Play with your family and your

Share real moments with a real gambling device.

Charge and transport
your Dicees everywhere
with the Docking Station

Small and elegant, Dicees Docking Station allows you to carry Dicees every where. You can also charge your Dicees using your smartphone.

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Exclusive deals

Up to 40% Off. More information soon!

All the features

Because Dicees™ are smart,
the game tallies up for you !