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Frequently Asked Questions


Are there other Dicees™ than the « D6 »?

No because Dicees™ is able to simulate all « Dx » dice.

How many Dicees™ can I connect on a device?

The only limitation is your device (Bluetooth® capabilities, processor, RAM, etc.).

Can I connect the Dicees™ from different sets to one device?

Yes, each Dicees™ is independent of the set in which it’s provided.

What is Dicees™ battery life?

With a full charge you can play with it for 5 hours.

Are the Dicees™ aware of each other?

The app knows all Dicees™ as distinct Dicees™ thus it can make interact together.

Is Dicees™ shockproof?

Dicees™ is shock proof within certain limits. You can use it like a normal dice, you can let it fall on the ground, etc. but it is not recommend to throw it on a wall or other things like this.

Can I use Dicees™ as life counters while using others for games in a different program?

Each Dicees™ is an independent and smart cube. So if, for example, a developper wants to use one of the Dicees™ like a life counter, it’s possible.

How can the app differentiate the Dicees™?

Each Dicees™ has a unique Bluetooth® identification number (ID), like a fingerprint.

What operating systems (OS) will be supported?

All OS on device with Bluetooth®. Dicees™ is featuring Bluetooth® 5.0 and it’s retro-compatible.

Can I charge my Dicees™ with my smartphone or with my tablet?

Yes, if your device can provide a charge by USB and if you have a USB x to USB-C adapter.

Are you offering games with Dicees™?

Dicees™ is provided with an app. This free app is a game store in which you can download games developed by us and by Dicees™ developers community and it will get bigger.
Dicees™ also offers an API to developers to give them the opportunity to use Dicees™ in their own apps.

Can I use Dicees™ without any device?

Dicees™ app offers you a great functionality, you can draw what you want on Dicees™ faces and thus you can invent your games to play without any devices.

How can I create games including Dicees™?

We offer an API to allow programmers to make great apps using Dicees™.

Will the API be continuously updated?

We will discuss with the community and take feedbacks into account to improve the API.

Why is Dicees™ smart?

Each Dicees™ features sensors, a processor and an evolving firmware.

Why using LEDs while you can use just a plastic cube with dots?

The customization makes Dicees™ more than just a normal dice. It can be used for all existing games and more and you can use it to create your own games.

What’s Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)?

BLE is a very low consumption technology, it allows devices on battery to consume less energy than with other technologies with the same efficiency.

What do I need to play with Dicees™?

You need at least a Bluetooth® compatible device (PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

What do you call playing « online », « offline » or « offline without connection »?

Online: via internet. You can play at home with your Dicees™ with your friend at his home with his Dicees™.

Offline: use one or more devices to control your Dicees™ for a game with your friends in the same room.

Offline without connection: Draw your Dicees™ faces and play without any device.

How can I carry my Dicees™?

The docking station is the best way to protect and to carry your Dicees™.

How can I develop a game for the Dicees™ app?

A link will be provided in the app to bring you to the games creator.

How many games will I find in the Dicees™ app?

The Dicees™ app will evolve with the developers community and will thus offer more games.

Is Dicees™ waterproof?

You can spill liquid on it by accident and dry it, it will keep on working. But we don’t garantie it if you immerse it. 


Why do I have to make a €10 deposit ?

This will guarantee you the 40% discount and this will allow us to validate our needs for the first production. Once the production started, we will sell the Dicees kits at full price.

When will all the Dicees be delivered?

The 40% discount guarantee is about one order per person and not the number of Dicees Kits. So it will only be €10 in any cases.

If a make a multiple Dicees kits order. What will my deposit be?

As our first Kickstarter campaign we are making pre-orders to help us to produce Dicees as soon as possible. We will keep you informed. Once the production started, will inform you about the shipping delay.

Can I cancel my pre-order and will you refund my deposit?

Yes, you can cancel your order whenever you want. We will refund 100% of your deposit.

Will you replace my Dicees™ if I receive them damaged?

Once you will receive your Dicees™, you will have 15 days to informe us. Then we will contact us to perform the exchange.

Will you ship worldwide?

Dicees will be first available for shipping in:

  • EU
  • UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan

Where will you ship from?

All our products will be shipped from Belgium.

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes. As soon as we will ship.